Best online courses to learn web development

When you’re building a career in tech, you need to have the relevant skills to become a tech master. While a computer science degree could prepare you for the field, it might not be a blanket solution for everybody, considering the costs and duration.

If you’re interested in learning web development, coding bootcamps may be a better option because they provide adaptive education, which means you can still work on other projects while studying. Other perks include lower costs in comparison with a traditional tech degree and higher employment rates.

However, deciding where you want to study is not easy, especially when you realize there are plenty of schools with the same offerings. That’s why we came up with a list of the best coding courses that are outcome-driven and provide an up-to-date education to face today’s challenges.

Why Learn Web Development?

Web development has become one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry for a reason—a functional website plays a major role in the success of any business. According to this Stripe and Harris report, 70% of top-level executives agreed that a good developer can boost the company’s success.

This makes sense because one of the first things people look at when they’re getting to know a company is its website—the visuals and intuitiveness, among others. This demonstrates the importance of having a good web developer across all industries.

The job also comes with its perks. A web developer can earn up to $107,000 annually, depending on the experience and the company. Besides, web developers are able to live the digital nomad lifestyle. As the trend of remote working continues to pick up across all sectors, this role can provide the flexibility that you want.

How to Choose the Best Coding Bootcamp for You

Check the Payment Options

There are different types of payment options you can choose from, depending on the school. If you don’t have the money to pay a $13,000 bootcamp up-front, there are schools that offer deferred tuition—you’ll be able to gradually pay your tuition fee along the way. Other schools also offer loan financing, if you feel like this is the kind of financial support you need. And finally, there’s another option that allows you to pay your tuition fee only after you’re hired. App Academy is one of those schools where you can find this option.

Get to Know the Curricula

One of the reasons why people prefer bootcamps over a traditional computer science degree is because the former usually offer a more up-to-date education. Most schools consult with big corporations to find out what the current industry trends are. This way, graduates will be more prepared to face challenges in the work field. Although such consultations are a norm at most coding bootcamps, you’d still need to do your research on the curricula offered to ensure you’ll have the right education that matches your interests.

Read the Reviews

Other people’s opinions are important. If you’re going to study in an online course, it would be a good idea to check the reviews on a specific bootcamp or school. Look beyond generic comments such as, “It’s a good school” or, “It’s a bad program”. Instead, look for useful information that will shed some light on how courses are run. For instance, insights into the mentor-students relationship, overall school environment, and complexity of programs. Read up on different schools to ensure you make the right choice.

Find out about Course Specifications

Some courses will last 13 weeks while others may take up to six months. This will vary from school to school, and will also depend on the type of bootcamps you’d like. Full stack development courses, for instance, will usually take longer than basic web development courses. Front end or back end development bootcamps are also shorter and may require some existing coding knowledge or previous experience. Do some research so you can choose the right bootcamp for you.

Do You Want to Go Full-Time or Part-Time?

If you are already juggling things at once but still want to dedicate some time to pick up tech skills, you can opt for part-time learning. Most schools have created an adaptive system to match every student’s lifestyle. However, part-time courses usually take more time to complete, so you should consider this as well. On the other hand, if you have the availability and would like to finish your course as soon as possible, then a full-time online bootcamp will be better.

Best Schools for Web Development Courses

Flatiron School

Flatiron School is a top-rated school that offers a complete web development course focusing on the outcomes. According to the Course Report, it’s one of the best schools when it comes to the subject. Flatiron School has a high employment rate and flexible payment models, ranging from deferred payments to education loans.

Woz U

Woz U is also one of those schools that focused on getting its graduates a job. Woz U doesn’t only offer a basic web development course, but you can also specialize in front end, back end, or full stack web development. The last specialization is one of the most comprehensive courses on the market. It takes about eight months to complete and most courses cost around $13,200.

General Assembly

At General Assembly, you’ll learn the basics, and all there is to know about web development—from HTML to JavaScript to CSS. You can either opt for the part-time or full-time program, depending on your own availability. If you already have some basic knowledge and you’d like to specialize in a programming language, you can also go for one of its JavaScript bootcamp or HTML courses.

App Academy

App Academy stands out among other schools because it offers you programs where you only pay your course after you’re hired. With App Academy’s full stack development course, you’ll learn how to build web apps using Ruby on Rails or JavaScript. You don’t need any prior knowledge of web development, but it’ll be helpful to have some basic grasps on things before you start this online course.


If you’re someone who prefers a one-on-one education, CareerFoundry is a good choice. This school offers front end and full stack web development bootcamps with a project-based curriculum. With Careerfoundry, you can learn how to do things like developing a NoSQL database-driven React app. You’ll also learn all the required knowledge to master coding languages like HTML or CSS3. This school tries its best to help you land a career in tech. Besides providing you with all the tools to be a coding expert, CareerFoundry’s mentors will prepare you to apply for a job in tech. Not only you get to build your own portfolio, but you’ll also learn to impress recruiters.

Wrapping Up

There are so many online courses available today. This makes it challenging to find the right one for your needs if you don’t do the right research. It’s best to know what exactly you’re looking for in the education you’d like to receive and review your options until you find one that best fits your expectations.


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