Best way to fix 3ds Max 2020 Error codes

Autodesk 3ds Max, formerly 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, is a professional 3D graphic program game produced and developed by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. 3ds Max has powerful rendering and 3D modeling tools for creating professional-quality 3D animations, models, and virtual reality visualizations. It is an efficient and flexible toolset to help the players create better 3D content in the minimum possible time. 3ds Max 2020 has Maxscript, character studio, scene explorer, general keyframing, DWG import, texture assignment and editing, constrained animation, skinning, Integrated Cloth Slover, and many more.

Though the game received several commendations from critics worldwide, the users faced several issues regarding the errors and bugs in the game, which disrupted their live experience of playing it.

Following are some of the common bugs and errors found in 3ds Max 2020 with the ways to tackle them:


SOLUTION- The error code 1603 is a common initial issue the users face during the installation of 3ds Max 2020. This error generally occurs when the user denies certain permission or is not downloaded properly or through the official website. To get rid away of the error code 1603, the user shall go to the Autodesk folder and click on the Autodesk Licensing service to get the required steps for the proper installation of the game without any bugs.


SOLUTION – There can be broadly two causes for the occurrence of the error code 1114:

  • The Windows Dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine gets break down in the Arnold MaxToA program module. This may be related to an issue with the graphics card driver or the OpenGL.dll viewport display drivers.
  • In addition, there may be a need to update or upgrade the Visual C++/.NET Framework components in the Windows operating system.

To get rid away from the error code 1114, the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the video card manufacturer website and look for the latest graphics driver for the installed video card. Next, download and install it to update the video card drivers. In addition to that, check to see if an Autodesk-certified video card and driver is being used, as listed in the Autodesk Certified Hardware link.
  • If it does not work, repair and update Microsoft Visual C++ and the .NET Framework installations for Windows. The Visual C++ components can be updated by following the instructions given in this link. To update the .NET Framework, follow the guidelines at this link. After repairing, reinstalling, and updating these components, the user needs to reboot the PC before continuing.


SOLUTION – The error code 126 usually occurs during the early release of the game. To fix this bug, the user needs to delete the existing version of 3ds Max 2020 and install it from the official site with taking into consideration the compatibility and requirements of the game. The user shall ensure enough disk space and do a complete system scan to check if there are any abnormalities in the software in corrupted files, malware, or viruses. This way, the error code 126 would not occur in the device of the user.


SOLUTION – The error code 30 usually occurs when the game is opened in the system or is in process in any other way. To get away with this bug, the user needs to close the game and restart it again. If restarting the game does not work, they shall go to the Autodesk Laptop Licensing Service to get the following steps. The users can also get this issue visible in the Autodesk experts’ eyes on its official site, who would solve their problems in getting free from such errors.


SOLUTION – The error code 127 implies that the system cannot extract the requisite files of the game. To get rid of the error code 127, the user can apply the steps which are as follows:

  1. Reset the 3ds Max preferences to default.
  2. Remove multiple and older copies of the MAXtoA plugin by uninstalling them from Windows.
  3. Install the newest version of the MaxtoA plugin for 3ds Max from Autodesk’s official site if no plugin has been installed or downloaded (or if the plugin has been uninstalled).


SOLUTION – The error code 126 is a bug in the initial phase of the game. To get rid of this bug, the player needs to do a complete system scan to check any corrupted file present in the system. They can also raise their query on Autodesk’s authentic site, where they can ask the experts regarding this issue. This way, the error code 126 would be removed.


SOLUTION – The error code 193 implies that the version of 3dMax 2020 is outdated or not updated. To get away with error 193, the user needs to reinstall the game with enough disk space and ensure that the downloaded version is the latest.


SOLUTION – To get rid away from the XAML Parse error, the user needs to set the preferences of 3ds Max back to default. This is the only solution to the XAML Parse Error.


SOLUTION – The user needs to ensure that the system meets all the .NET Framework system requirements to avoid the error 5100. The main cause of error 5100 is the Windows not being updated and incomplete components for, .NET.


3ds Max 2020 is an innovative, flexible, and lively game released by Autodesk. The game has a spectacular video quality with several features that are different from many other games. However, the game received some negative reviews due to its incompetency towards a solution to bugs and errors, customer service, and the plugin work. Solving these users’ issues with a smooth display by Autodesk would take this game to new heights.


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