0xc00000f Boot Error — Fixing Your PC on Windows 7, 8, 10

Error code 0xc00000f comes as a very troublesome error. More of it would be a horror when you don’t know how to resolve the problem. As a help, here are the solutions that may help you encounter them. But before directly jumping to the solution, you must know the causes of it.

The first reason for error code 0xc00000f coming up maybe because BCD is either missing or corrupted. And the reason why so and so happened is due to power outages, and disk writes error, complications while handling the BCD on own or boot sector viruses.

If you have checked your BCD and seen that it is working fine, it can be the damaged file system causing 0xc00000f. File damages can get corrupted or damaged on their own. Most often, it happens when a user is careless enough to regularly shut down the PC when there’s crucial data being sent to the boot sector.

A faulty HDD data cable, too, can indirectly be the creator of error 0xc00000f. It is not a myth that hard drive data cables get damaged with time. That makes sense; a hard drive is also a component of the PC, after all. However, the main thing that points out the data cable deterioration is the duration of its usage and its usage on multiple computers.

Symptoms Of 0xc00000f error

The first symptom of error 0xc00000f is due to the BCD. The BOOTMGR bootloader that is now a part of a system startup procedure was initially introduced in Windows Vista and followed by the rest of the upcoming versions. It uses the Boot Configuration Database (BCD) with every piece of information possible regarding the boot-related options, including the settings for new PC Windows. In case the BCD file is missing, not found, or corrupted, error code 0xc00000f arises and does not allow the boot process to proceed.

Boot error 0xc00000f
Windows boot error 0xc00000f

Solutions to fix the 0xc00000f error

Now that you know what error code 0xc00000f is and its causes solving them out is an easy-peasy game! Below are the solutions, some of which may require a Windows setup CD or DVD.

Method 1: Resolving the 0xc00000f issue by correcting BCD using recovery tools

Recovery essentials are available that work as a one-click automated repair tool to rectify the BCD and build it over again. Using such tools is sure to be productive and end the windows failed to start error 0xc00000f.

The accurate algorithm they use is analyzing each issue related to BCD at first and then working on the problem. It will either rectify or build a new BCD by encoding and parting anything that was causing your windows 10 error code 0xc00000f.

Method 2: Removing any devices that are additionally plugged in or all external devices- data cables, BIOS, and drivers

There is a chance that Windows failed to start, and the problem has been raised due to an external device. Make sure you have removed the plugged device if any.

It is also recommended that you undergo this fixing method before taking any startup repair for error code 0xc00000f. Check and let there not be any USB drives, DVDs, CDs, and others plugged in that are being a barrier.

Try removing each of them and then again inserting them back to halt the popping up of error 0xc00000f. BIOS settings should be taken back to how it was initially if any changes had been successfully attempted. You may also apply for the ‘restore factory settings’ option for the BIOS.

Also, check out the SATA disk controller’s mode in the BIOS. The error code 0xc00000f can also be caused due to an undertaken change in the SATA disk controller’s mode in BIOS.

Method 3: Repairing BOOTMGR using startup repair

Startup Repair can scan any damage in the system and for the missing system files that will fix the BCD file, eventually solving the windows failed to start with error 0xc00000f issue. But this method will only work in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and other following versions. Also, a CD or DVD set up is essential.

Method 4: Fixing the BCD on your own

More than other reasons, Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f is influenced because of a missing BCD. And just how you may have guessed, fixing it will surely help. You can start fixing the BCD by following the steps:

After you have reached the Windows install disc, choose your desired language, accurate time, and keyboard input. Then select the Repair your computer option. Find out where C:\, is because that is the mark for Windows installation drive. Click on next.

The next thing you will need to do to vanish windows failed to start error is choose the command prompt that will open up the system recovery option. Type: bootrec /rebuildbcd. It is a proper command that will help you out Clicks enter. Then, if everything goes right, your program will discover the windows installation and ask whether or not the program should add it to the boot list. Press Y to this and 0xc00000f is sorted.

Method 5: Check your disk with the CHKDSK utility

The CHKDSK utility that comes along with the Windows itself can also scan the disk to help fix the file system errors and resolve error 0xc00000f. This method works when the file composition of the Hard file has deteriorated.

Start your fix by using booting the computer via Windows install disc. Repair the computer after you have successfully selected the proper language, time, and keyboard input. Select what you see as C:\, followed by next to open the windows installation drive. In a while, you will see the system recovery box where you have to type the ‘chkdsk C: /f’ command in the command box. This will help you out with the Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f.

Replace ‘C’ in the command with the starting letter of the driver in case the windows are not installed.


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