How To Improve Computer Speed

Do you want to know how to improve computer speed easily? You most likely have a computer that is starting to slow down. Do you want to know why your computer is acting up and how to fix them quickly? Read on and find out.

My personal setup

My computer seems to be getting slower. This is a common problem for millions of people all over the world. It’s probably happened to you too. You have an incredibly slow computer, and you’re fed up with it. You don’t know what’s driving it, but it most likely is coming from a variety of different things.

Well, my computer is not as old as you think it is. I bought a brand new state of the art computer in 2013, and I’m currently using a Core i7-3770K processor. That explains the problem. But it doesn’t stop there.

Even though your computer is a brand spanking new, it will still slow down over time. The more software programs you install and the more stuff you input on your computer, the more things that happen on your computer that slows it down.

Not convinced? Well, what do you do? Do you get a new computer every year and upgrade the hardware? I can assure you that won’t fix the problem. Not unless you want to look like some kind of quote-unquote geek. upgrading your computer will not make it faster. I’ve seen that. And I’ve done it!

I now know all kinds of ways to make my computer faster. The problem with our computers is that most of the time we don’t have to harm our computers to make it run faster. What I mean of course is that if you want to make your computer faster, you should use the available tools that you have and get help when you need it the most.

Let me explain. Your computer is like your car in the sense that it needs regular maintenance. To keep something running smoothly, like your computer, we need to apply the preventive maintenance techniques to make it run at its best.

This means that, after a few months of not using your computer, you will probably notice that it runs a bit sluggish. It may freeze from time to time, and you may find that you have problems accessing certain programs and applications. All of this is a normal thing that happens with the computer. This is the effect of regular computer maintenance.

What I do is I run my computer on a regular schedule. Now, some people automate this process and do it every month, a year, whatever. I’ve found that I’ll do it every 28 days, which is a little less than the number of days that you should do it, but you get the idea.

Run defragmentation software

This is usually set to be done at night, so I’ll do it during my lunch break, which is about 2 or 3 pm usually. This will sometimes create larger file gaps and will help things run a bit more quickly.

The next thing I do is I usually go file havoc. I found that Computers can lose files forever, and I have to search for the file that is lost, using the search application that comes with Windows. This program has lost everything that I have on my system, and I have to search for it, using the information that I have stored to find it. This can take a long time to do and can be kind of stressful, but the great thing is that it is free.

Clean the registry

After doing all of that, I’ll edit the Windows registry and set it to do a back up of all my information. I’ll also set it to do a defrag of my hard drive, which is something that happens every few weeks. I’ll also check out the hidden files in my Windows registry that I don’t see, and edit those as well. This can be done any time, and I’ll make sure to do it during the spring and fall months since that is when the computer typically isn’t being used.

After editing the registry and doing all that, I’ll restart my computer. Do you know all of that? I’ll watch a little TV from time to time, and play a few smart sandbox games. Yeah, that’s probably not something you do every day, but you can do it every day. These things keep me reminded of why I love my computer so much. It makes me remind of why we spend so much time on computers in the first place.

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