How to Increase the Download Speed of Your Computer

Do you want to know how to increase the download speed of your computer? Unfortunately, many people who use a computer don’t know that it can be accomplished easily by just downloading useful software. Download speed is the lifeline of your computer. If your computer takes a long time to download files, it will deter you from downloading any other files which would help increase the speed.

Therefore, if you have a slow download speed, you should use a download accelerator. Download Accelerator is a useful software that helps to increase the download speed. It does three things to effectively increase the download speed of your computer.

1. It makes sure that your computer is 100% clean when you start the download.

2. It makes a compact disc of the computer.

3. It copies all the information on the computer fast.

All the above things result in a faster transfer of data. The software is free and easy to use. Download accelerators can boost up your download speed tremendously. However, you should not get too excited. Although the software is appropriately priced, you might see that many people are still unable to use it.

To use Download accelerator, you have to follow these steps:

1. You need to put the disc into a CD drive and wait for the CD-ROM light to develop.2. You need to go to Menu and put options into the ‘CD Drive.’3. Put the disc into the CD-ROM drive.

Once it is installed, you can open My Computer. Double click the disc that you used for your comp into the CD Drive. It will open up My Computer Window. Now you have the option to save the file into a new folder. If you want another hard disc to save the file into, you should click ‘Options’.4. Save the file into a folder.

The CD/DVD Drive Is Connected

The CD/DVD drive is connected and the computer is ready to start up. If the CD/DVD drive is not connected properly, it may cause the computer to not detect the hard disc.

Check the Connecting Memory

The computer is ready to download speed. If the computer cannot detect the optical drive, it suggests that the optical drive is not clean. It may have dust or dirt inside the panel. This results in a disruption of the communication process and the computer is not able to proceed with the command from the optical drive. So you should make sure that the optical drive is clean before you connect it to the computer.

iPod Problems

Some problems may be caused by a damaged or old iPod. The hardware maybe not working properly, the recording may not have finish and a scratch disk may be popped. All these may lead to the iPod not inserting correctly into the computer. Now iPod compatible problems are the most common problems related to the iPod. If your iPod is not working properly, you need to find a solution to this problem soon.

iPod compatible problems are the most common problems related to the iPod.

Restart iPod

Check if the iPod is visible in the Recovery box. If not, select the iPod and click on the Recovery button on the Recovery screen. Your iPod might have a problem if you put in a new iPod or re-size your iPod.


MSCONFIG is available to help you with problems with the iPod. This helps you to disable apps and processes from your iPod that you do not use and boost up your iPod’s performance.

MSCONFIG is a short listing of various options that you can perform on your iPod. MSCONFIG allows you to control the most advanced options that you can configure on your iPod.

1. Connect your iPod to your Mac.2. Select the iPod Manager in the iTunes Library on the left-hand side of the iPod Manager.3. Choose iPod in the hitherto appearing list of Music Categories.4. Select Properties in the far right-hand corner of the dialog box.5. Click General | Apple Settings.6. Click Plug-Out | Continue to Device Manager.7. Browse for the path of the iPod.8. Click on the component you want to disable.9. Click Disable.

Disable Some Apps

iPod can be disabled in a variety of ways which includes-

Restrictive settings for categories such as music and videos require the deletion of checkboxes other than music in a set-reimbursing only for media types in the Library app requiring a separate download to disable.

In all cases, the normal iPod settings will still apply. However, once you disable the iPod, your music will no longer go on your iPod. That’s because your music files will not be available because of the disabling of the iPod.


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