How to Repair Win32k Dll Errors

The win32k.dll file is a Dynamic Link Library file. It is a component of the Microsoft Visual Basic family of applications. The applications which use this DLL file calls the following library file: dex.exe, reserve.exe.

On the other hand, the file is specifically used for the stored procedures in the Windows Operating System. The methods in which this file handles are discussed below.

What Is Win32k.dll and How to Fix It

The win32k.dll is a system file that is located in the Windows/System32 directory of the Windows 10 partition and is also accessible in the LOCALMACHINESOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall folder. If the Windows Vista is installed in any other partition then the file is not present there. All the DLL files are spread in all the partitions of the hard disk. This is one of the causes of why the file is generated randomly and appeared on the screen. It may have a virus or an application that has been corrupt and damaged the file. If the Windows Vista is installed on the computer using a Windows XP installation CD then this file is also created by the CD. This file is not visible on the screen and therefore is difficult to be found.

If the win32k.dll file is deleted from the computer then it will generate an error. In such a case, you will receive an error message that will urge you to restore the file. As the scan for the error above indicates that the file is missing, you will receive a message which will tell you that it has been moved to an alternate location.

Visible Problem

This usually happens when the computer restarts after the computer freezes. Also, you will find the following error message on the screen.

Furthermore, you will find the following error message on the screen in the Windows when you are in the Safe Mode of the Operating System:

The file is missing while you try to run the program because it was not found at the location specified by the Application Data files. After all, the Windows registry was corrupt. It is also possible that the computer was not shut down properly. If you receive any such error message, you should ensure that you first copy the file and then update it.

Cause of the Problem

The file is either missing or has been moved to an alternate location. All the DLL files are stored in the Application Data folder of the drive which the Windows is installed in and so the location of the file is known to that it will not be found in the drive is changed. It may also have been moved due to some files having been damaged while being transferred. These damaged files may have been overwritten by some copies of the same file. In this case, the DLL file can not be found. The wbem.dll file is required by the Microsoft WMAPI extension to be loaded to the Microsoft WMAPI library which enables the Windows to handle messages such as wbem.dll. If the file is missing, then you will find the wbem.dll file in the location C:\Windows\system32\wbem.dll.

Such files are loaded in the modules of the Microsoft WMAPI library. In normal conditions, it should be easy to locate the file because the location of the .dll files is usually in the folder. However, if the file is present in the location in which the .dll file is implied, then it may be difficult to identify the location of the file. The file might have been moved to another location, or it might have been deleted. To correct the situation, you should perform a search for the location of the file. You will need to enter the path of the file in this, for example, C:\Windows\System32\ wbem.dll.

Replace the File

You have to replace the DLL file in the system32 folder of your computer. You can find this folder in the Other Components folder of your computer.

When you have found the file, you have to delete it. To do this, you can open the folder C:\Windows\System32 folder. Select the file that you have to eradicate and then click permanently delete. The permanent deletion will make the file unreadable and unreadable, and the file will be deleted.

If you receive an error message that reads the file is missing when you try to eradicate it, you should reinstall it manually.


This will show you that the file wbem.dll is missing. When you receive this error message, your computer is unable to read the file for whatever reason. This must indicate that the wbem.dll file is infected by a virus or a spyware. If the file is missing, go to install and then repair the Windows operating system. Just follow the instructions properly and reinstall the file properly.