0×C000021A Installation Error on Windows 10 — Quick Fix

Error code 0×C000021A is a common error that occurs on Windows 10 and is generally called the Blue Screen of Death.

This Windows stop code 0×C000021A appears at any time, and this causes the user to lose all the unsaved work they have done. When the machine stops working, and this error occurs, it shows, “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We are just collecting some error info, and then we will restart for you.”

This error needs to be fixed as this can cause your Windows to lag and not work properly, making your work gets delayed. 0×C000021A error can also make you lose all your work. Therefore, it is important to fix this error and make your system work smoothly.

What is stop code issue 0×C000021A?

BSOD is called the Blue Screen of Death. This is generally caused due to poor device drivers or malfunctioning of hardware devices like fault in memory card, power supply problems, overheating, or when the hardware runs beyond its limits. There are few more reasons why error code 0×C000021A occurs, like incompatible DLLs, bugs present in the operating system. There are a lot of reasons why errors on Windows 10 occur. But there are two main reasons for the error 0×C000021A to appear on the screen. This error is generally called the Blue Screen of Death.

But there are a few ways to fix this error. If a person faces this issue, they can follow these methods to fix it.

Methods to fix error code 0×C000021A

Here are a few methods mentioned that can be used to fix the error code 0×C000021A:

  • Fixing the corrupted files
  • Startup repair
  • Try uninstalling the recently installed software.
  • Run SFC scan
  • Run DISM scan
  • Deleting the software distribution folder

Method 1: Fixing the corrupted files

To solve the error code 0×C000021A, you need to make use of the Windows Update troubleshoot. Troubleshooter is a built-in Microsoft feature specifically designed to find the errors and fix them in the operating system. It can help you to solve the 0×C000021A error code.

Here are the steps to run this tool:

  • Press the Windows logo key and click on the control panel
  • Go to the category and choose large or small icons.
  • You’ll see an option of Troubleshoot. Select that and go on ‘View all.’
  • Once you find Windows Update, select the option ‘Windows Update troubleshooter and follow the prompts to solve error 0×C000021A
  • Restart the PC to make the changes effective

This will help you manage the corrupted files in your system and help you fix the error.

Method 2: Startup Repair

If the previous method is not working, you can try a Windows 10 startup repair. For this, you need to do the following:

  • Boot Windows 10 and select the option ‘troubleshoot.’
  • There will be an option that will read ‘advanced settings.’ Select that.
  • Go to the option that says ‘Startup Repair.’

By doing this, the startup repair program will eventually scan your Windows 10 and will try fixing all the errors or issues it finds. After this, reboot your system again. This method will help you solve the Windows stop code 0×C000021A error.

Method 3: Try uninstalling the recently installed software

You may have recently installed the latest software to your system that stops the system from making any updates. This error, too, can cause 0×C000021A error to occur.

To fix this, you need to uninstall the software by going on the ‘Windows 10 Troubleshooter’ option and restarting your computer in safe mode.

Method 4: Run SFC scan


If the installation turns out to be corrupted, you can face the 0×C000021A error on your system. In such cases, it is always recommended to perform a quick SFC scan.

Here is how you can do that:

  • In the search box, type cmd. Then choose the option run as administrator.
  • In the command prompt, input ‘sfc /scannow’ and hit enter.

This will help you solve the error you are facing.

Method 5: Run DISM scan

If an SFC scan does not help, you can try running a DISM scan.

  • In the command prompt, type ‘dism.exe/online/cleanup-image/scanhealth and press enter

This will help you restore the missing or the corrupted files that your system finds necessary to fix the 0×C000021A error.

After doing all the steps, remember to restart your PC, and your Windows 10 will boot normally again.

Method 6: Deleting the software distribution folder

There are times when error 0×C000021A occurs due to the system update process’s failure, and Windows 10 cannot find some files as they get corrupted or go missing.

Before modifying the folders, it is important to stop the Windows from getting updated. If the files remain open in the program, you will be unable to modify them, which will make you face the BSOD error.

The first step is to disable the Windows update service:

  • Press the Windows logo and invoke the Run box
  • Enter ‘services. msc’ and press enter
  • You will see the option Windows Update; click on that option.
  • Change from startup type to automatic, and click on apply.
  • Restart your computer and try to see if the error 0×C000021A has gone or not.

The second step is to delete the software distribution folder.

  • Go to the Windows folder and then click on Software distribution.
  • Find the folder SoftwareDistribution and delete it. You might be asked for the administrator password. Provide all the necessary details.
  • After deleting, close all the open folders

The third step is to re-enable the disabled services of Windows update.

  • Use the same method to visit the Windows update option that is mentioned above.
  • Right-click on Windows update and click on Start
  • Restart your system

Conclusion on 0×C000021A error

These methods will surely help you to solve the Windows stop code 0×C000021A error. As this error usually occurs on Windows 10, the solutions usually work on the Windows 10 system. These steps will help solve this error, but if you cannot, contact the Microsoft Customer service for any further help.


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