McAfee Virus Scan – Virus Protection Or Virus Penetration

McAfee VirusScan is a multipurpose antivirus program designed for the functional use of computer systems. Devised for use of home and workplace, this software has extensive virus scanning capabilities. That’s why I would say it is one of the must-have tools for your personal computer. Sadly, it’s not popular for any viruses derived from downloads or sites, for example. Although it runs accurately and fast on any personal computer, it may be a problem for those using Internet Explorer as it prevents many from downloading files or using downloads until you complete a lengthy query to it.

Does McAfee is safe to install on a PC

In all, I think McAfee is a pretty good protective tool that does what it’s intended to do, and that’s to protect your computer from any unwanted presence on it. I say this because I have had a few cases recently, in which the unauthorized use of this software almost ruined my PC. Now, before you go off and download one on your own, read about these cases and think about removing McAfee until you can use your computer without having to worry about it?

Case 1: When your computer was purchased at the shopping mall, you were probably happy that you didn’t need to wait in line with your local computer shop. Nonetheless, shopping malls would have needed to pay hefty fees to use this software, which means that it would be cheaper to visit those malls and do the paying for the software. You should think this thought through. Think about how much time would have been wasted if the software is downloaded, installed, and then is offline, according to your requirements? Let’s say you do decide to download the free version of this software, as it will only run on your particular Portable hard drive. And mind you, there are a lot of bugs in the free version, which probably would not be corrected until a paid version is available. Going through this hassle just to perform a necessary file check, moreover, doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Case 2: You receive an email from some friends who want some assistance from you, and in exchange, they need the file checker of your Online data storage unit to copy a file from the online data storage unit into their computer. Since you have only that Online data storage unit (with the checksum file already), you are not able to fulfill their request. However, by exchanging files with your friends and keeping that file-checking utility, you can access the file anyway. McAfee or any other compatible utility for that matter that can copy files to your Online storage unit is compatible with any file system utilized by your computer.

File checking utility

For example, you can use it to copy a file from your Online storage unit to your USB flash drive, or vice versa. Another use is to download the file-checking utility to a memory bin on your computer to be transferred to another computer to be opened later, for example, your office computer or your home computer.

Opening a file with that online file-checking utility is extremely fast and hassle-free. All that you need to do is to plug in your device and run the program. The file-checking utility will run and review the file you have just copied. It will highlight to you the aspects of the file that need attention and will offer to correct them by altering the file to the required form.

The interface is also sleek and sophisticated creating convenience for you. Just point and click on the various parts of the program, and you can choose to make changes to the files for the easiest and most transformed file yet. With each click of the mouse, you will have your work done in no time. The program will also send you to a web page where you can download the edited or quiz file in a USB memory stick. An added treat is the option to give you email alerts when there’s a new file ready to go in the database.

Still, it pays to be careful and to prepare yourself for every task. Know your resources and use them wisely. Make-ahead plans for each journey, and you will have lots of opportunities to show off your skills and impressive skills in becoming a file holder.

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