Music Tagging Software – Which Is Best for You

At present, more and more people are looking up for music tagging software. It’s probably due to the ever-expanding music tracks or albums that we have in our library. The countless options of similar tools or apps in the market can, however, lead to confusion or indecisiveness in picking up the IDEAL one that will provide you the desirable convenience in the long run. Options listed below are some of my personal favorites.

General information

And here’s a personal review of one of the more popular music tagging apps.

Meantime, it has become easier to pick up one of these apps. They are mostly accessible online for free. You can also download them from the iTunes app store. I would say that for beginners, it’s a good option. This application will save you time in the long run. It also retails at a very reasonable price for $14.99.

The alternative for those starters is the MusicBrainz suite. You will get access to the entire suite of apps for music tagging plus more. The premise is that you can tag your music by sets of metadata. MusicBrainz is a music tagging app that offers a free account for 14 days. Besides, you can also download the app from iTunes, Google Play, and the Android Market for free.

Besides that, you can also scan CD’s and download apps that are compatible with the music file formats on your computer. The scan will also help to narrow down the error rate of the music tags. The app also allows you to download the album art to visualize the database of your music.

The TidySongs software is a favorite among experts and regular users alike. It’s perhaps the most comprehensive range of music database apps out in the market right now. You can find out mp3 tags, view artist information, view album art, crop and cut the music, set your ID3 tags to generate automatic emails and reports, and a lot more.

 Facilities for adding your favorite pictures

It’s certainly amazing the number of features that are packed into these applications. Even the not so popular social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter can use images to identify their users. Many applications add their user’s pictures as default.

The TidySongs application has been designed to accommodate a range of features. It has easy to understand interfaces and a good amount of flexibility. You can even get an application that will render a chat window whenever you are tuned in to the music. You can readily see whether the conversation takes place in real-time or via chat.

What sets TidySongs apart from the crowd is that it offers a free account for busking purposes. You can use the application without paying for personal use. Besides, you can always upgrade your paid account with additional features.


This application is not just a useless social media manager. It enables you to connect with over exterior social networks as well as dozens of radio and Internet radio stations. LiveUp will also transform your computer into a wireless hotspot.

The TidySongs Manager application

It’s certainly an application that gets saved in your bookmark. It’s tabled as a music manager, and so TidySongs can automatically search your computer for music. It’ll also show you what other people are listening to and why.

The TidySongs HD application

Just like with the other applications, you can search through a massive database of music. Besides, you can also choose to view reviews from the “other people” folder.

Downloading music off the net is quick and easy

After specifying your preferences, the application will inform you whether the file has been newly downloaded or not. If it has, you can either view the information’s file path or download it directly.

If you want to put the songs that you’ve just downloaded into your mobile or Laptop, the TidySongs application will do that for you. It will automatically transform WMA and WMV files into MP3 and MP4 ones. You can then sync these to your iPod or your iTunes.